Have you ever questioned yourself, what kind of metadata is inside you images? If yes - this app is for you. And this app is also kind to you in respect that it shows exactly what you are used to see at your SLR-camera display. Of course, if you want to see more, you can.

DISCLAIMER 1: Directly after you start the app for the first time you will be asked if the app is allowed to use your current location. The app DOES NOT use your location at all. The permission is required to access your image library, for the case if you have location information embedded into your images. If you feel this is incorrect please feel free to file a bug to Apple.

DISCLAIMER 2: At the moment when you synchronize your images over iTunes, either with iPhoto or with Aperture, in neither case your metadata will be copied to your iPhone. Only images made directly on the iPhone, saved to the photo library from an email or from a web page (and as soon as the iOS 4 will come to iPad copied using the camera connection kit) will contain metadata. Again, feel free to file a bug to Apple.